Sync data attributes

In Ruby on Rails, I am trying to create a sync button which allows an Admin user to click this on Calendar views and the 3 main attributes in Calendar, start_time, end_time and department (which correspond with Planner) are automatically added to the Planner table and rendered on the Planner view. The whole point of this is that standard users create a planner request by filling out a form from which then the Admin user accepts it by clicking the sync button on the Calendar view

Lets suppose I have a 3 tables:

Users, user_id, username, full_name, email, admin

Calendar, calendar_id, user_id, full_name, email, start_time, end_time, department

Planner, planner_id, calendar_id, start, time, end_time, department

calendar belongs_to user

a user has_many calendars

a planner has_many calendars

I have not yet written anything for this but trying to get my head round to how i would use RoR to Sync data. If someone could show me an example or share any help it would be great.

Thank you