Switching to Rails 1.2.1, Painful, or NBD?

I've been on 1.2 since rc1. Upgrading was a bit of a pain, mostly due to the issues around making sure the environment variables were set correctly and such. A couple libraries broke, a few plugins had to be updated. Most of the work beyond that was around deprecations, and changing how a few things worked.

My general advice for updating to 1.2 is:

0. You're using svn, and have a reasonably good set of tests, right?

1. Do the gem update. Do not do a gem cleanup.

2. "rake rails:update" or "rails your_app_directory", then svn diff to see what changed and where you need to manually pull things in. If you're on OSX it helps to set up svn to use bbedit/textwrangler's diff tool to do this.

3. run the test suite and dink around in the app to make sure it works. If it doesn't, figure out if it's a relatively quick fix. If it is, fix it and move on. If it isn't, roll back to the checked in state, then wait for the smoke to clear.


One thing that’s keeping me from moving to 1.2.x is the deprecation of #assert_tag. I use the function liberally throughout my integration tests and would have to change every one of them to assert_select, which for now is too much work to be worth while.

Otherwise, you get deprecation warnings about @session and @params, which is easy to fix, and the rest of Rails is pretty solid.