Swap problems with mongrel

Ben Knight wrote:

Has anyone here run into this? I'm wondering what's a good solution/workaround (e.g. JRuby + Java app server instead of Mongrel,    JRuby folks should answer that one. My guess is that the relatively large JVM footprint is probably outweighed by less memory usage per mongrel instance when you raise the number of mongrel instances above a limit. You'll probably have to test your application with JRuby to find out where the limit is in your case.

You should probably : - switch to lighttpd or nginx to save memory, they are both dead simple to setup with step by step tutorials only a few keypresses in the Google form away. - if you witness mongrels memory usage jumping up, do 2 things :   - use nginx and get seesaw to reload your application when you begin to swap. The graceful restart seesaw manages will protect you from angry clients while saving memory.   - while the above solves the symptom, look for the problem : dump your database and reload it on your development environment and find the actions that make your memory usage jump and fix them if you can.