Swap out dropdown collection

I’ve got 2 collections for a dropdown box

  <div class="bin">
    <%= render partial: 'form_controls/select', locals: {
      f: f,
      label: Bin.human_attribute_name("bin_id"),
      property: :bin_id,
      object: @bag,
      options: {include_blank: true},
      collection: []
    } %>

this full collection, and a subset of that collection. I want to keep the control, and just toggle the collection on a boolean condition. Can that be done using JQuery. I tried swapping the controls, but the 2nd control was lacking…

Ok, I deleted a few posts because I found a partial solution.

I have 2 buttons that hide / show form elements…

When I initially load the page I load in a subset of values

      collection: @bin_collection.map { |b| [b.name, b.id] }

that’s fine, I have a button that hides fields, and loads the full collection…

but when I return, I would like to reload that initial collection (I could do a page refresh, or maybe store it in some temp location and re-render it).