Support parsing msgpack parameters natively

I’d like to request to support parsing MsgPack parameters along with other already available parsers (i.e. json and xml parsers).



I don’t see the reason for why we would accept a PR to add that parsing within Rails. Make a gem :v:

Hi Kasper, thanks for your reply. Why not?! parsing json/xml parameters are built, but not msgpack? I understand it is more of a binary format, but can be simply wrapped in with params hash in specific order, which correspond to activerecord attributes. I'm failing to see the reason for your ambiguous straightforward `no` answer!

This isn’t really fruitful. You’re volunteering this discussion, so it’s on you to provide reasons. Which could be benefits of msgpack compared to xml/json, how does browsers support it, performance benchmarks, a gist with an attempt at a patch, etc.

Instead your request boils down to “I want msgpack, so you should write it and maintain it because I said so”. To which the only answer is: nope.

Making a gem is the only way I see this moving forward, then there’d be something to talk about :v:

I think it's best to stop this conversation right here, as I understand there's a huge lack of interest/knowledge on employing http/2 in future versions of Rails, and also Rails is not only used in web and can be used as a web api to any other application.

I was at least hoping for a better discussion with an open mind contributor here than one who's ignoring any other possibilities to even get into a discussion than claiming to be "I am a Rails contributor, therefore all I say is the final fact!"

FYI, the gem already exist if bother looking around!