SUMO, GSoC like project, to create sustainable software

I am Jean-christophe Kermagoret from SIDE-Labs.

SIDE-Labs, founded by BlueXML, is an open source project which created a sustainable IDE, SIDE, based on MDA (Model Driven Architecture), to quickly develop sustainable software application. Moreover, thanks to the use of models, development can be achieved by domain specialist. From a technological point of view, a generation process enables to build the corresponding application on available frameworks. Alfresco ECM is already available as a final technical target, and more frameworks should be available soon. I think it could be a good opportunity for RoR to provide its own implementation.

I know, if I want something, just "write the code" :slight_smile:

But I only have 2 hands. So, SIDE-Labs created the SUMO project, GSoC like, which stipends students to develop models and code. A SUMO project could be, for example, to develop this alternate generator. It could be interested for Django community to have access to Alfresco or other one. Moreover, all the available applications could be available in the future on the RoR platform. In fact, we are trying to build the next Babel Tower.

If you think you can be interested by such a project, have a look at, read FAQ, browse projects' list and create a page for your ideas as a mentor organization, or a student.

Feel free to ask for information on the forums and/or subscribe mailing lists.

Thanks for your time and your interest,