Suggestion for how to batch add records & photos

Hi -

I'm about to embark on a project where a client will upload a csv file
of records (anywhere from 10-1000). Each record can have one or
multiple files. I am reaching out to the community for some ideas on
how to approach this.

I'm wondering if I should have an ftp portion - where they ftp the
files to a directory. Then have the app look in the directory and
match according to csv records, iterate and upload/attach them. Also
if I can't support multiple files per record - that's fine - one will
have to do.

Any tips or suggestions out there?

-Adam O

I'm basically looking for a general consensus that this is a feasible
approach - before diving in and realizing that its 'doomed'. I'll
start this direction and see how it goes.


Parsing a CSV is certainly possible and very easy. I use FasterCSV

If your client FTP's the file, then you will need to somehow know that
happened so you can parse it. Or if you provide file upload
functionality, then you can parse it at the time of upload.