Launched - Online Diabetes Management site built with Rails

Hey all,

Just wanted to announce after months of development and beta testing
we're launching our new Rails based app for diabetics:

It's definitely not you're "typical" Rails based Web 2.0 app, but we
think it has some value none-the-less :wink: provides
simple blood sugar tracking for diabetes management and in building it
we focused on ease of use and simplicity. I guess you could think of
it as web stats for diabetes.

Initially it was a personal project (15 year diabetic here), I learned
Rails from scratch to do it which was fun to say the least. With such
tremendous feedback from others wanting to use it I pretty much had no
choice but to work on it full time.

We're built off good ol' homegrown CRUD/REST with Ajax/RJS sprinkled
on in just the right places (MmmmMmmmTasty!). I'm pretty sure I
couldn't have done it without Rails or the Rails community (you guys)
so I wanted to say thanks for all the help and putting up with my
newbie questions in the beginning. You all are quite the fine
bunch :slight_smile:

With 194 million people worldwide and 21 million in the U.S. alone
coping with diabetes daily, hopefully we can help make a difference
and utilize all this great technology at our disposal to help keep
things under control.

If you're diabetic or know someone who is, you probably want to check
it out:

I thought some might want to have a glimpse on the technical side so I
wrote a post with a few more details:

Not to take the wind out of your sails (and this may not anyway), but
Revolution Health has had a blood sugar tracker available for months on our
Rails-based portal:



Awesome! Tell you the truth I think the more tools out there for
diabetics to utilize the better. And I guess when we started
development over a year ago you guys weren't around. The cool thing
is that now there are a others who see the need for a solution
(, etc) and we all take a slightly different
slant to it, different feature sets and different interfaces to work

This looks interesting, but you need to support data import from meters and pumps otherwise the data entry is going to be a real barrier.

We started out keeping logs, but now that we can just load the data from meters and pumps, we rely on that exclusively.



Yup, we've got a few supported. Unfortunately almost all the major
meter manufacturers uses a different or proprietary format and are as
far from standardized as you can get. is
actually working on an initiative to collaborate with between them and
use a common microformat (similar to hCard). What would be great is
if we can a common format with the CGM devices out there, instant
access to hundreds of readings throughout the day.