Subversion handling of .AppleDouble etc in mixed OSX, Linux environment


Can some one point me to some resources on managing a mixed OSX and Linux environment (Linux desktops and OSX laptops). When it comes to .AppleDouble, :2eDS_Store etc what happens when folks are commiting from both OSes?

When a project is created on Linux and imported into svn and co'd to OSX or the other way around how are these hidden files versioned? In the first case does this cause problems on the OSX side? If a developer on Linux modifies or deletes a file its .AppleDouble would remain, so would this wreak havoc on OSX?

I'd appreciate hearing about your experience in this sort of environment.

Thanks a lot,



That sounds like a great approach. I'll try it. Thank you very much.

Did you also add 'Network Trash Folder' and 'Temporary Items' to svn:ignore? I see them when doing a finder copy to a linux volume...and probably they won't show in a svn commit right?