Subtle problem with Dragonfly and geometry command

I am trying out Dragonfly 0.9.5 in a Rails 3.0.10 application, and it works really well on my Mac, but there's a problem on my Joyent SmartMachine.

@image.file.thumb('60x60').url -> works on both @image.file.thumb('60x60#').url -> works on my Mac, but fails on the SmartMachine.

The SmartMachine has ImageMagick 6.6.6-5, and Rmagick 1.6.8.

My Mac has ImageMagick 6.6.4-10 and no Rmagick.

So I'm not sure where to start with this. The issue crops up when I try to pass the crop command to the converter with the # flag in the geometry. I can use the > or < flags without trouble.

Any thoughts? Ringing any bells for anyone?



On a hunch, I rolled back to 0.9.4 and it worked on Joyent.