Substruct Shopping cart for rails 3?


I'm still desperate for a solution to this. A couple of weeks ago I
posted a question about a free and open-source shopping cart called
"Substruct." It looks like it's what I need, but I can't find anything
for the Rails3 upgrade.

Not true- Sorry, I did find:

I started following these instructions just to see, using updated code
and practices where I saw they were needed but ran into this error
pretty early on.

When I do the $ rake substruct:db:bootstrap I get:

Keith - the Substruct platform is definitely not for the new person
learning Rails.

Lauerence has done a great job on the Rails 3 branch, but it's not the
main branch. We're still on Rails 2.3.8, which works perfectly fine.

I'm personally waiting for Rails 3.1's engine improvements and some
free time, then I think we'll officially make the move to the newest
version of the code.