Substruct Release 0.97 | RoR E-Commerce

Yo people, just got done prepping a fairly major release of Substruct, the first and only open-source RoR e-commerce platform.

This release updates Substruct to Rails 2 / Engines 2, replaces file_column with attachment_fu, AND is the initial release that will be distributed in archive form. (Sorry no PayPal IPN support yet - within the next few days hopefully)

From now on, all new people to Substruct are recommended to download the latest tar/gzipped archive avaliable here:

New install instructions have been placed on the site:

The new install method is MUCH easier, and includes a rake task that even checks if you have the correct gems installed.

I have only tested here on my OS X box, so hopefully things will go smooth on Windows as well.

Version 0.97