Submitting a form onDrop, parameters don't come through


I'm trying to submit a form onDrop using Scriptaculous. I have a small
form with a multi-select box. My form is just a standard HTML form,
but it doesn't have a submit button.

<form action="/projects/multi_drop" id="multi_drop_form_<%= %>" method="post">
  select box

My droppable element is created like this:

<%= drop_receiving_element 'multi_drop_', :accept =>
'group', :onDrop => "function(element) { $('multi_drop_form_#
{}').request({parameters:{id:element}}); } " %>

As you can see, what I'm trying to do is submit a form and send the id
of the dragged element along with it as the id. But when I look in
Firebug, it doesn't POST at all! No id, but also no values from the
select box.

What am I doing wrong? Ondrop forms aren't really documented anywhere,
but I thought I figured it out!

I may have been unclear about this: it does make a POST request to the
action URL, but the POST data is empty. This results, of course, in
the controller failing to process the data.

What surprises me the most is that it submits the form (it sends a
POST request to the right place), but it doesn't submit form data. Why
is that?

I hope someone can help, I'm stuck.

Errm... That problem's fixed now, sorry. I had the form outside two
containing TD tags, but it should have been inside that around the
select tag. However, the parameters still don't get posted and I don't
know what I'm doing wrong.

Well, it took some time, but I figured it out. element should be of course. Argh!