submit_tag ?

I have a protected attribute that I wish to change with my edit form.
Is it possible to do this with the "options" for submit_tag?

I guess what I'm asking is if there is a way to have the submit
perform the, in this case, user.admin=user[admin] assignment I would
like to occur when the form is submitted?

Thanks for the response. That is what I was fearing. I was hoping
someone knew of a way to tie the assignment to the submission of the
edit form so that it happened at the same time/transparently.

I'm using the attr_protected macro.

Yeah, I was hoping there was a way to embed or trigger a direct
assignment from the data provided in the form when they do a submit.

In the documentation there is a reference to "options" for submit_to
but it doesn't elaborate in any way. I was hoping maybe there was a
way to pass a direct assignment as an "option" or something similar.

Oh well. Thanks though :slight_smile: