Strange routing problems with edge rails

Just upgraded to edge rails to use the BigDecimal support, but I'm
running into the following error:

content_list_faq_url failed to generate from {:action=>"list_faq",
:controller=>"content"}, expected: {:action=>"list_faq",
:controller=>"content"}, diff: {}

my routes file has the following:

map.with_options(:controller => 'content') do |content|

    content.content_list_faq 'content/faq/list/:section',
           :action => 'list_faq'

  map.connect ':controller/:action/:id'

the line that's causing this is: <%= link_to('FAQ Management',
content_list_faq_url) %>

I was previously using namespaces for my controllers, but stopped after
reading that it's not a good idea and doesn't work with edge rails, but
I'm still getting the above strange error.. If I switch back to regular
rails, the error is gone.. Also, if I change the route from
"content/faq/list/:section" to "content/faq/list/:id", it works fine..
Also, if I use "content_list_faq_url(:section => 'whatever')" it also
works. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks,


:section is required. Try this:

content.content_list_faq 'content/faq/list/:section', :action =>
'list_faq', :section => nil