Strange problem when using crypt.

Hi there,

I'm trying to utilise the crypt/rijndael algorithm in rails. I've written a small script separate from rails that takes a string and using a specified key encrypts it and saves it to a file.

I then would like to be able to copy the string in that file and paste it into my rails application source and decrypt it using the decrypt_block method of rijndael.

The trouble is the string changes between the file and the pasted text in rails. I mean it looks that same but if I puts it out from rails it is different. I think this must be a character encoding problem but I'm not sure...

Does anyone have any ideas?

Thanks, Toby

What OS? What ar eyou using to open the file?

Sorry should have been more explicit - I'm on OS X and I'm using TextMate.

After playing around I've found that if I save the file using MacRoman as the character encoding it works the way I expected.

Nonetheless I'd like to know a way of doing it even if the file is saved in UTF-8.