Strange change in form_tag behavior from 2.0 to 2.1?

I've used an approach frequently in the past where I create a method
in the model that when passed parameters from a selection form returns
a modified result set.
As an example the routine in the model looks like this;

  def self.find_by_search(params) (shortened for easy reading)
    where = []
    unless params[:agency].blank?
      where << "agency_id = :agency"
    if where.empty?
           :order => params[:order])
           :conditions => [where.join(" AND "), params],
           :order => params[:order])

Then the controller uses this model/method to modify the result set
based on the user's entries.

  def ecase_search
    @title = "Search Cases"
    return if params[:commit].nil?
      @ecase = @account.ecases.find_by_search(params)
      @ecases = @ecase.paginate :per_page => 8,
                                 :page => params[:page]
    render(:template => "evidence/ecases/index")

The search form that is supposed to pass the params back to the
controller action looks like this;

<% form_tag( ecase_search_path, :method => "get") do %> (shortened
for easier reading)
  <div id="search" class="box" <%= 'style="display:none;"' %> >
          <th><%= "Search Field" %></th>
          <th><%= "Search Value" %></th>
          <td><strong><%= "Agency Code" %></strong></td>
          <% @agencies = @account.agencies.find(:all) %>
          <% @agencies << =>
'', :description => 'All') %>
          <td><%= select_tag(:agency,
options_for_select(@agencies.collect { |c| [ c.description, ] }), :style => "width:150px", :id => :indexselect) %></td>
          <% @selections = %w(agency_id incident_id officer
evidences_count) %>
          <td><strong><%= "Order By" %></strong></td>
          <td><%= select_tag(:order,
options_for_select(@selections), :style => "width:150px", :id
=> :indexselect) %></td>
          <td><%= submit_tag "Find Results", :class => "submit" %></

          <td colspan="1"></td>
<% end %>

The routing in routes.rb looks like this;

map.ecase_search 'ecase_search', :controller => 'evidence/
ecases', :action => 'ecase_search'

The error I get when I try this approach is;

Only get, head, post, put, and delete requests are allowed.

This approach worked wonderfully in 2.0 but now fails in 2.1. I had a
similar problem in 2.1 when I found that nested tables had to be
called differently in the form_for such as (<% form_for([@account,
@agency]) do |form| % )
Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.

You know what it was???
The route somehow was not high enough up in the routes.rb file? I have
no idea why this is as there's not another route like this..but I just
thought I might make someone's day a little easier.