Storing data temporary?

Hi all,
This is just a query about what is the best way to store data temporary
without submitting it to a db. The reason for this it because i have
create app that take input data via a form and after i would like to
preview the data entered before putting it into the db. The only idea i
have had so far is the form gets submitted to db but has a boolean value
field that is set to false meaning it will not show up till the process
sets it to true then it will show up .
i.e form -------------------- preview ----------------------- payment
    (Submitted But false) (View from db still false) (If ok set
to true else delete from db)

As anyone got any other suggestions on how this could be done.


I think you need to be more specific about what you mean by preview. When? By whom? For how long?

Without knowing that, we can't tell whether or not it would be sufficient to simply stuff the data into the session...

You could save the data in the session. This is the technique often
used for shopping carts for example.


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