Stepping out of clusters

Reality Check:

Hey, guys!

I know most of you have your own multiple servers lying around but still we would like to invite and hear from you what you think about about a complete system our guys have worked on for about a year.

We basically believed we could still accelerate SaaS adoption by removing tech and cost barriers for ISVs and entrepreneurs starting with a Rails platform.

The Morph Application Platform combines open source and in-house developed technologies into a single on-demand solution. For each application, incoming web traffic is properly routed to the individual environments no matter where the applications live physically in the compute GRID. Load balancing, security, monitoring, and high availability are already built into the platform. Individual applications have a web application delivery stack as well as access to high speed caching, their own database instance, multi-tenancy APIs, search services, e-mail gateways and OpenID services.

Please check for details or if you need to speak to us directly, shoot an email to this address: and we'll be with you in a jiffy.