Status of the "rails" package in Ubuntu


I’m an Ubuntu developer on the Ubuntu Server team.

I recently started a thread on the Ubuntu development mailing list that I’d like to draw your attention to. It relates to some maintenance difficulties we’re having with the rails package on Ubuntu, but also language-specific stacks generally and their interaction with language-specific module package managers and their repositories such as gem and

My opening post is here: and I’ll also paste this below for your reference. The discussion goes more into Rails in Steve’s reply here:

I’d appreciate input from the Rails community. In particular, it’d be great if we could find some common ground on what we recommend that users can expect and do.



For reference, here’s a copy of my original post:

I’d like to talk about addressing the difficulty in maintenance of long
tail language-specific stacks in Ubuntu. For example, right now
src:rails is stuck in disco-proposed[1]. It seems to me that we spend
a disproportionate amount of effort trying to get this class of package
migrated to the release pocket compared to the number of Ubuntu users
who actually care and use them.

I suggest that:

  1. If a language-specific package, or stack of packages, is stuck in
    proposed, and nobody is volunteering to get them migrated, then we are
    more willing to delete them from the release pocket and release without
    that stack.

  2. We recommend, as a project, that users who wish to use these
    language stacks directly do so via the language-specific packaging