Static video files in public folder


I have some video files in the /public folder of my rails app. I want
to load them with the vlc plugin. But it seems rails can't handle the
headers that the plugin sends to it (or the plugin can't handle the
response of rails).
Here is the communication I captured with ethereal. Should I file a bug
report for this or is there anything else i can do?

GET /UserFiles/6/StockFootageWideshot.avi HTTP/1.1

Host: localhost:8080

User-Agent: VLC media player - version 0.8.5 Janus - (c) 1996-2006 the
VideoLAN team

Range: bytes=0-

Icy-MetaData: 1

Connection: Close

HTTP/1.1 206 Partial Content

Connection: close

Content-Range: 0-716371/716372

Content-Type: text/html

Etag: d414-aee54-44ef6bf1

Server: WEBrick/1.3.1 (Ruby/1.8.4/2005-12-24)

Content-Length: 716372

  <HEAD><TITLE>Partial Content</TITLE></HEAD>
    <H1>Partial Content</H1>
     WEBrick/1.3.1 (Ruby/1.8.4/2005-12-24) at