Starting with an empty Rails app. instead of via IDE

I used IDE to create my first Rails app. It created variety of folders and little auto-generated code as well. One of such file is: database.yaml.

I don't want to start working with this auto-generated code. I want to start with an empty Rails application and add folders and files manually.

To do this, which folders and files I need to create manually. Which hierarchy Rails understands?

Hey Rohit

Your IDE probably ran “rails new” for you. This is the command to create a new Rails project. This generates the basic set of files and folders you would need for a new project.

I intentionally install using this option. Which folders and files are needed if I need to manually create them?

What option? You have not quoted the previous messages so no-one knows what you mean without searching back through previous email messages. Remember this is a mailing list not a forum.

To see what folders and files you need then run rails new testapp That will generate the basic files/folders that you need for a rails application.

Then for a new app if you do not want to use rails new then just replicate the folders and files that rails new testapp created. Though why you do not want to use rails new (if I understand what you are saying correctly) I can not imagine.