ssl certificate

No. Or to put it another way -- "best" in what sense?

A self-signed cert will cause most browsers to present users with an ominous-sounding warning, but it doesn't cost anything. Maybe that isn't a problem for your user base, maybe it is.

A cert from a recognized Certificate Authority will not prompt those warnings, but it costs money. Verisign is only one CA, BTW, so you might look at others to compare pricing.


Actually the case is , my client will not interact with webserver using browser . They will send https request via programming languages like ruby , c sharp ..etc . Here do I need any third party certificates for security ? .

A self-signed cert will be fine then, as long as the client gets a copy so it recognizes it as trusted. Obviously the details of that depend on the client implementation.

Mr. Hassan where are you from ?

San Jose CA :slight_smile: