squirrel and acts_as_rails

I have been using Squirrel (http://thoughtbot.com/projects/squirrel)
for performing rails searches. It really takes the thinking out of sql
conditions and makes it so much more like normal ruby syntax.

I have recently been using the acts_as_tree gem(http://github.com/
jcnetdev/acts_as_tree/tree/master) for a Group model that has
children, grandchildren etc. Squirrel works well for the children and
parent methods since these are normal associations but for methods
like "ancestors" and "all_children" which are recursive methods ,
squirrel won't work.

I don't fully understand how squirrel uses associations. Can you think
of a way that squirrel could be used in this kind of way

Group.find(:all) do

Many thanks


I think you've answered your own question, the 'ancestors' method is a
method which returns a list, it needs an instance to work upon.
Squirrel cannot supply the instance, since squirrel is tryimng to map
Ruby code into a static SQL query to then find the instances.

Not a terribly clear explanation, unfortunately.

To slightly restate your problem: you're looking for the children of
any Groups with name == "Department"

So the untested code

Group.find(:all) do
  name == "Department"
end.map{ |group| group.children }.flatten.uniq

might work. It's not a single SQL query but may be enough to get the
job done.