Squirl beta, a site for collectors.

I'd like to announce the launch of Squirl, a rails-built site for
collectors. Squirl lets you store and share the things you collect, and
meet other like-minded collectors. We have ~30 predefined templates for
things like coins, stamps, postcards, and beanie babies, but it's also
a fun tool for making lists of things like books, movies and music.

We're fully buzzword compliant, right down to the vowel-less-ends-in-r
name, but we've tried hard to make it all in the service of the user.
Developing the site has been a blast, in no small part because of the
help and support from this list.

If you're a collector, a list maker, or just want to check it out, it's


Please register and give it a whirl (it's free) -- we'd be grateful for
any feedback. I'll do my best to address any questions or issues.

John McGrath


Very cool site. I really like the look and feel.

Might I ask what you used for the frontend design in terms of tools?


Thanks! Front end was done by my friend and business partner Steve.

Our process is we talk over the features we want on a given template,
he mocks it up in Photoshop, and after we decide on a final design he
slices out the necessary graphics and I recreate the page in .rhtml
templates using html and css.

So for front end tools it's all Photoshop and hand written html/css.