Spurious ruby errors from edge rails

Well I migrated from suse 9.0 to suse 10.0 just so I could use RR (the old mysql did not support the mysql syntax generated) & then I went to Edge Rails to get decimal and now I have what I think is error noise, not real errors, but this should be cleaned up. (The app runs okay.) I have an Edge installation under vendor.

The ruby templates in \beeLucidSite\work\depot\vendor\rails\railties\lib\rails_generator\generators\components\ are processed as if they were in the ruby language, but they're not ruby code yet, but used as code templates (apparently).

So files like this (in ...\migration\templates) cause spurious errors in ruby:

class <%= class_name.underscore.camelize %> < ActiveRecord::Migration   def self.up   end

  def self.down   end end