Sproutcore and Rails3

I'm attempting to create a sproutcore application with a rails 3 backend
and am getting very frustrated because the only documentation I'm
finding on this is from sproutcore and their tutorials leave something
to be desired.

I was following the Todo list app tutorial and continued to get errors
until I followed the actual video tutorial, which was different with
different code and was able to get that running.

Now I'm following http://sproutguides-drogus.strobeapp.com/rails.html,
except I'm using my own sproutcore app that I created while following
this tutorial (instead of using the Todos from github).

I go to load the page and I get "loading" in the browser and repeated
"RoutingError" in my development.log

Hi Keith,

Interesting guide! I've yet to see this one. As soon as I can, I'll run through it and see what I can figure out.

All of the SproutCore apps that my team and I have built use sc1.x and not sc2.0. Furthermore, I've never used the bulk_api gem.

Do you have any experience with SproutCore 1.x?

Kind Regards,
Chad Eubanks
The Code Boutique

No, I'm a newbie when it comes to sproutcore. I've been working with
rails for almost a year now and feel pretty comfortable with that.

Could you post a link to a tutorial doing rails and sproutcore 1.x if
you know of any. Though I would like to use 2.0 if possible

Thanks for you quick reply!

These errors don’t seem to be related to Rails at all. You should have a structure like /myapp/public/static/sproutcore/standard_theme/en/current/stylesheet but apparently that’s not in there. That causes Rails to look for a controller that can fullfill that duty, which it won’t find of course.

Just statically serve the sproutcore CSS tbh. No need to go all fancy on that.

There’s probably a way to modify the path that Sproutcore loads it CSS from too.

Best regards

Peter De Berdt

It looks like it's looking for these stylesheet.css and javascript.js in
a number of different directories inside public. Why would it be doing
that? Why wouldn't the tutorial even mention that?

It seems like a configuration isn't correct some how.

In the actual app/sproutcore directory there's a tmp/ directory that
contains a this type of file structure within it (static/sproutcore/ and
so on). I feel it's not pointing to the correct place or something.

Just to get some things straight here: are you using sproutcore 1 or 2? By the looks of it, you’re still using sproutcore 1 or sproutcore 2, but not the template based one that doesn’t need compiling (instead relying on just including a javascript file).

Sproutcore 2 is all about ditching the whole UI scripting thing and instead switching to something that feels more like working within a web development environment, albeit with the nice bindings through the use of handlebar templates.

In any case, if you want to get it working with the sproutcore app you have now, you’ll need to figure out which files to put in the public space (i.e. the static files section) of your Rails app, so it can find them properly. The errors you get in your Rails server log should help you to find out where Sproutcore is looking for the files.

Best regards

Peter De Berdt