Splitting up user data entry into separate tabs


My rails app needs to input several items. Too many to show on a
single page so my decision is to split the entry up into tabs.
I do not want any other tabs in my app, just for that specific data

As example tab 1 would be name and address of someone
tab 2 would be the phone numbers
tab 3 would be the actual work address and their favorite text editors

I have looked at several examples such as:

Most of these use a set of separate HTML files to contain the
individual fields and that would result in saving any changes when
switching tabs.
CSS and lists get me close but not exactly what I want. Javascript has
not been very successful so far, likely because the above examples use
javascript throughout the page and not just as .js function call.
Is there something simple available to get what I want or am I pretty
much stuck with the solution mentioned at eduvoyage?


I think you may be over-optimizing this; unless your actual app has a
lot more data than this, tabs really aren't helping. Furthermore, tabs
are going to make it much more complicated to do things like highlight
fields that didn't pass validation.

If there's really a lot of data, you may want to consider an actual
multistep entry process (saving the record along the way), as it keeps
the user from getting confused and lets them pause and come back

If you're 100% sold on the JS tabs, take a look at the JQuery UI Tabs
stuff (http://docs.jquery.com/UI/Tabs) - it does exactly what you were