sphinx search without searchd


We now use Sphinx to search our Rails project, with generally good results.

Architecturally, we have one issue. All Ruby Sphinx projects (we use
acts_as_sphinx) seem to call the sphinx.rb. This calls searchd, as a daemon.

But a Rails app running in Mongrel, for example, already is a daemon.
Whatever persistent benefit we get from keeping all those searchd variables
loaded into memory, we could already get if they just loaded into our own

(Our searches won't go over like 3,000 documents here.)

So has anyone written an extension for Ruby that searches the same way the
Sphinx "search" command does? It just calls into the index reading system
directly, instead of pinging the searchd. You can search without searchd
loaded into memory, for example.

Wouldn't that mean that with say 8 mongrels you'd have the index loaded in memory 8 times ?
I don't see why you couldn't do it but I haven't seen such an extension before.