Speeding Up Safari

This is off topic, but so many people on this list use Macs, I though it
worth posting. Evidently, there's a problem in WebKit that can slow Internet
access to a crawl. Particularly if you are doing DNS lookups, as does
Safari. The fix:

In System Preferences, go to the Airport or Built-In Ethernet pane, and the
TCP/IP tab. For DNS Server, enter

Then, in Terminal do:

lookupd -flushcache

I'm not even sure why this works, but it provided me immediate speed
improvements. Hope it helps someone else.


This change overrides any DNS settings your ISP/Administrator may
configure for you. It may not work for everyone - especially those
behind real firewalls (not that NAT everything things). The
"flushcache" option tells your local DNS cache to forget everything it
knows. It's not really a fix for WebKit (or anything else).

That said - the server seems to be a fast one located near the root DNS
If it works for you - go for it :slight_smile:

Sorry, I really should have put the usual caveats about blowing away caches
and changing DNS or proxy settings, etc. I confess I bounce from toy ISP to
other toy ISP (read: the cable companies) and don't always have good entries
in my cache. This change would be utterly inappropriate in any managed
setting, as you mention.

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