spec-converter 0.0.3 Released

Relevance is proud to release spec-converter version 0.0.3!

== DESCRIPTION   Simple converter to go from test-unit or dust style tests to test-spec (http://rubyforge.org/projects/test-spec) specs.

== FEATURES/PROBLEMS   This will change all files in place!! Make sure you are properly backed up and/or committed to SVN before running.    == INSTALL   sudo gem install spec-converter

== USAGE Assuming your project is at ~/work/project/:

  cd ~/work/project   spec_converter

== URLS: * test/spec: http://rubyforge.org/projects/test-spec * trac: http://opensource.thinkrelevance.com/wiki/spec-converter * svn trunk: https://opensource.thinkrelevance.com/svn/spec_converter/trunk * rdoc: http://spec-converter.rubyforge.org/rdoc c