Spare bike in Portland during RailsConf?


I'd love to have a bike during RailsConf to be able to explore
Portland a bit better than last year, when the only thing that I
really had a bit of time to explore was Powell's City of Books. I
already bought myself "Walking Portland", but I can already see that
there is no way of doing that walks without a bike.

I've already had a look around bike rental services in Portland, but I
neither do need a perfect racing bike, nor want to spend 100 bucks for

So here's my question: Do any fellow Railsers living in Portland have
a spare bike they could lend me for a Starbucks invitation or some
other proof of my endless gratitude? It doesn't have to be the best
bike around, although it should of course keep the air in the tires. A
bonus would be a rather big bike as I'm 2 meters tall (that should be
something around 6,5 feet).

Thanks in advance and greetings from Germany,

I don't know if this is only for people staying there or not, but the
Ace Hotel has bikes for rent:

You could give them a call/e-mail to see if they'd rent you one. I
don't know their prices or anything but I'd imagine they'd be cheaper
than your average bike rental shop. :slight_smile:


If you don't find something, email me. I will drag one over the hill
for you as I am in Oregon.

twscannell at that gmail place.

Hi, I'm pushing this on "top" again to ask if some other folks living
directly in Portland have a bike so Ruby Freak doesn't have to bring
it from far away?