Some logic problem

Hello champs,

I am in dilemma here. I have structure like this:-

                      EmployeeB EmployeeC EmployeeD
                          > >
                      EmployeeE EmployeeH

Currently if i login with EmployeeA account, It shows me its direct
reports. Like wise if i'll login with EmployeeD then it'll show me only
EmployeeH. If i'll login with EmployeeB account then it'll only show me

But i want it like this:-

If i'll login with EmployeeA, it should show me all.
If i'll login with EmployeeB, it should show me E & F.

Currently i am trying it like this:-

def get_all_reports(employee)
  direct_reports = employee.managed_employees
    @all_reports += direct_reports
    direct_reports.each do |report|

My logic is fine, i think but do not know where i am doing mistake ..
The error coming out is stack level too deep..

I hope you people got me right and help me for sure..

Perhaps you have a loop.

EmployeeX manages EmployeeY and EmployeeY manages EmployeeX

Hi josh,

Thanks for a quickie, But how to get rid of this loop ..

Josh Cheek wrote:

Remove it from the database and put in validations to stop it happening again.
The infinite recursion could also be caused by an employee managing himself.


Thanks colin.

Resolved it as well. Cheers .. !!

Colin Law wrote: