some help with deleting from the objects with dependencies

Would welcome some advice on this:

I have customers, orders and batches.

Customer has many Orders
Batch has many Orders

Now I want to do a batch delete, that will delete all orders in the
batch and when the orders are deleted, I want to delete any customers
that belong to the order provided they dont belong to any other

I am thinking that :dependent=>:delete_all would seem ok for the
orders, but I don't know how to handle the customers. My current
thinking is to let the customers become orphaned and then just clean
them up by deleting all customers with 0 orders. But that feels a bit


There's likely a better way than this, but to start out I think I
would first create an array of the id's in customer.orders. Then
delete the batch while cascade deleting the orders. After that
completes successfully then delete the customers from the list you
stored in the array [WHERE in (x, y, z)].

Also it would be best to do this in a single transaction so that it
can be rolled back in case there are any errors.

Just a thought, but does this relationship make sense to your
Customer has many Batches :dependent => :destroy
Batch has many Orders :dependent => :destroy

I assume it doesn't, but I wanted to mention it just in case it does.

Thanks for the suggestion Robert.

For my purposes I did this in the end

In order.rb

def before_destroy
    customer.destroy if customer.orders.count == 1

seems to have achieved the desired result.