Some checks I needed for any PDF files please help how can I do it.

I want to do some checks in PDF files. Can you help? someone can do it. ???..

For any PDF Files.

1. if there is no text in PDF - a message should be given. 2. Check for background contrast. - if text color and background color having not good contrast then - error message should come 3. If fontd size is less - error message should come 4. text should take minimum 1/6th of the page - else error messgae 5. Grammer mistake should be reported in each sentence. 6. Gender pronouns mistake should be reported for each sentence.

Please let me know if anyone can help me to do it. Thanks Sujan

I have to do it in python so I am using pdfnetSDK. Please help me.

If you are doing it in python why are you asking on a RoR mailing list?