Software Engineer Needed

The ideal candidate will have a strong experience in web service
technologies and architectures, with exceptional skills in servlets,
J2EE, and XML. Individual will also have extensive experience in
object-oriented design, data structures, and web application
development. Individual will have a general passion for technology and
can pick up new ideas and skills easily.

Software Engineer, Web Services


* Define, design, and implement solutions for high-performance systems
using web services and other emerging technologies
* Develop prototypes rapidly for evaluation and validation purposes
* Document code and system designs
* Provide application support and systems maintenance
* Perform research and analysis and write reports
* Play an active role in discussing the evolution of the product
* Develop deep expertise in multiple areas
* Keep abreast of latest technologies and trends


* Bachelor*s Degree in Computer Science or related field is required
* Fluency in multiple programming languages and ability to learn new
ones easily
* Strong experience with the Java language and APIs for web
applications, web services, and persistence
* Experience working with Ruby
* Experience with design patterns and object-oriented analysis
* Experience with XML technologies, including parsing, schemas, and
* Experience with schema design, queries, and data manipulation in SQL
* Strong grasp of network protocols, caching, synchronization,
pooling, threads, concurrency, distributing computing, transactions,
optimization and other related concepts
* Ability to develop efficient algorithms and experience with advanced
data structures

* Minimum of 2 years* experience in web services technologies
* High level of proficiency in basic computer skills with a passion
for technology
* A commitment to continuing education to strengthen skills and
broaden expertise
* Strong problem solving and troubleshooting capabilities
* Ability to learn new skills quickly with minimal guidance
* Dedicated to achieving project schedules and milestones
* Ability to work in a team environment with aggressive deadlines and
multiple priorities while staying a team player
* Strong oral and written communication skills, as well as strong
interpersonal skills
* Strong attention to detail
* Self starter able to work with minimal supervision


* Contributions to open source community
* Delivered products using agile methodologies
* Experience in deploying applications with Tomcat and Ant
* Experience in developing AJAX web service clients
* Experience in developing browser plugins and widgets
* Experience with search technology
* Experience with large-scale and distributed software architectures

Where abouts is the job located?