SOD15 hackathon & Data:Hack award & Help Fusepool

SOD15 hackathon “LOD that works!” ( ) by the Spaghetti Open Data community is just one week away to submit.
The hackathon seeks apps built on top of linked data coming from open data portals (Tuscany, Trento…) going through cleansing and mapping to test Fusepool P3 ( ). Simply submit your idea online on by next Sunday.
Data:Hack award turns what started as offline hackathon with online submission into a crowd funding platform for data projects (commission-free for non-profits):

  • Backers – Data publishers or users launch a Focus around their need and attract projects that solve it;
  • Creators – Data modelers or app developers start a project seeking to attract funding.
    Tools meet (creative, business) Ideas and create (data) Projects for funding (and can sync with Kickstarter). Too often, creatives and businesses don’t know what tools are out there and vice versa. Let’s do it together (yes, you!)
    HELP Fusepool by giving a few of your minutes to leave feedback. Just login with Google, LinkedIn, FB… (or read “How can I contribute”: You find the components under (with links to Github). Let us know what you think.

Thanks. Awesome! If you have general feedback let me know!


Fusepool Team

Michael Kaschesky (PhD, MBA)

Project Director