Social Games | Front-end developer | Tokyo startup

hi -

Hopefully the [JOB] posting is appropriately enough tagged :slight_smile:

Pikkle KK is a social game startup based in tokyo.
We publish games on the three social networks here,
are backed by local VCs and the largest social network.

We are looking for a ruby/rails developer to work with on an on-going basis.
This position is for front-end development, creating the user
experience of social games.

We work with small teams of 4 people per game, so you will have a lot
of flexibility.
We use our own game framework built on top of rails,
and the programming style is a little bit different from conventional
web applications.
If you like a challenge and want to expand your realtime skill-set
this will be an exciting job.

Japanese is not required, but if you like japanese games and culture
that would be great.

ruby ^ games => challenge and fun!