SOAP and RoR

Hey ror riders' How to working SOAP server,client with Ruby on Rails. Please help me SOAP tutorials

Hi, what issues are you having with using SOAP? Do you have any sample code to post

so that we may better assist you?


I’m having some problems with SOAP too, I can’t access the virtual earth web service (microsoft) when i try to call a remote function it returns “400 bad request” and when i try to use the HTTPS url i even can’t connect to soap server.

Anyone tried to use the Virtual Earth in ruby ?

Thanks, Ernesto

Ernesto Rocha wrote:

Anyone tried to use the Virtual Earth in ruby ?

This much I can tell you; Microsoft seems to be fully "in-bed" with SOAP and driving much of the SOAP standard. By this I mean they are taking fully advantage of "everything" that SOAP provides today.

SOAP for Ruby does not even promise to support the full gambit of the "modern" SOAP standard. And SOAP for Ruby doesn't seem to be in the hearts-and-minds of Ruby developers.

Now you may be thinking, "I'm promoting SOAP with these statements." But, oh contraries! If SOAP died tomorrow I'd be a really happy camper.

REST is the future! Anyone with vision is doing REST! REST rules! Go Ruby! Go Rails! Give SOAP a REST and let's build a brighter future!

Unfortunately, we have to live with the backward thinkers like Microsoft and Oracle. So if Ruby need great SOAP support then my recommendation is come together, join in, and contribute to a Ruby SOAP project. I wouldn't count of the core Ruby on Rails developers to do it for your though.