smallest laptop for Rails development on-the-go??? any recommendations

Hi all,

I’m keen to get a very small laptop (or other device) to aid in coding my rails applications whilst I’m on the move.

Any recommendations re the smallest laptop/device to do this? (I open to something real small)


The apple macbook? 13inches 1grandish.

I was thinking of something even slightly more compact, so carry around with you most of the time…I’ve seen some people using such devices however I’m not sure if they would have been running Window or WindowsCE…

Look at the old Toshiba Porteges...I had one that was 11 or so inches,
less than an inch thick. Weighed a little over 2 lbs. It was slower
(600Mhz) but you can get faster ones and faster models of the Compaq
Evo (same concept). Look on eBay.

They make a MacBook look like a tank.