Skyline CMS Release 3.0.8

Hi All,

Just 10 days after 3.0.7 we're releasing 3.0.8 with support for SQLite3. In combination with our demo application, this makes trying out Skyline CMS a breeze. We also enabled Github issues for Skyline to track bugs and issues with Skyline CMS.

Besides the SQLite3 support the most notable change since 3.0.7 is the improved API documentation which you can find on We also started to deprecate old legacy code from Skyline CMS. The deprecated code will be removed in version 3.1.

Upgrading from 3.0.7 It's very simple to update to version 3.0.8. Once you've got the new source, whether it's a gem or a plugin, you have to migrate the Skyline CMS tables, run the Skyline CMS seed files and make sure the assets are up to date. For more detailed instructions see the MIGRATION file in the API documentation ( file.MIGRATION.html).

Regards, Flurin Egger DigitPaint