Skyline CMS Release 3.0.7

Hi All,

We're proud to announce our first official Skyline CMS release. Version 3.0.7 is the first stable open source release. It has only been 6 months since the first (internal) release of Skyline 3. Skyline 3 has been a huge step for us as a company, but also for the product itself. Skyline 3 features:

* Full page editing
Create, edit and manage pages the way you want it: place elements (sections), move them around freely, change their appearance and preview them. Rinse and repeat until you're happy with the result. You are never editing the live site!

* Publishing
Publish your changes once you're happy with their preview. If you accidentally publish something you didn't want to have online, just view the version history and roll back your latest change.

* Work together without conflicts
You never have to worry that someone else might be changing the page you're working on. Skyline knows who's editing which page and displays it in preview-mode if someone else is editing it. Because we don't live in a perfect world, you can still force a take-over (your colleague may be in an hour long meeting and you really need to change the info on the website).

* Aggregate content with tagging
Say your website has news items and you want some news items to automatically appear on the homepage, and have all news items on your dedicated news page. Skyline has a "Content Library" where you can store content that you want to have aggregated somewhere else. In addition to the sections you can place on a page, content in the library can also have all kinds of metadata like a date, a teaser text or a custom image. But most important of all: you can tag your content items. When you're placing a list of content on a page, you can select the tags you want to match and only those items will be shown.

* Media library
Store all your website's assets in a central place. You have access to the same library, whether you're editing a paragraph or you're selecting a default image for your news items: the images, videos or other files all come from the Media Library.

Try it yourself

Did we get your attention and you want to give it a spin? Check out our live-online demo. See for the logins (we don't require you do fill in a form).

Skyline 3.0.7 is available in two flavours:

As a gem: the skylinecms gem is available from gemcutter.
As a Rails plugin from github:

For more information on Skyline itself, use cases of Skyline and how to get started, see our site:

If you have been using our github master branch pre-3.0.7, please see on how to migrate your implementation.

Kind regards,