Sipper 1.1.3 Released

1.1.3 of SIPr pronounced as Sipper has been released earlier this month. or

SIPr is complete SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) stack written in Ruby (with some C++ for media / RTP handling).

SIP is most widely used protocol for VoIP telephony and is similar to HTTP in structure.

SIPr is a SIP application testing framework wherein users can write their test cases that wrap SIP controllers that manage SIP call flow.

The SIPr architecture and API draws inspiration from Rails web stack, though diverges somewhat, as the SIP protocol is a lot of different in purpose and usage from HTTP. However, the underlying idea is the same, that of simplicity, minimum configuration and complete control by the user.

== Highlights ==

  • A complete SIP Application testing framework suited for feature, interop, regression, acceptance and field simulation

  • An application server style programmable stack

  • Stack that is malleable and configurable

  • Ability to create, modify, re-use, compose, re-order the tests

  • Simple but powerful API to write new complex tests

  • Reporting and Statistics

  • Automated and with hooks to existing automation

== Value Proposition ==

  • Simulate SIP endpoints, in the form of SIP test cases for any SIP call flow

  • Simulate SIP servers like B2BUA, Redirect server, Registrar, Proxy, IMS entities etc.

  • Create test cases by using helper scripts, scripting and also trace/capture based automatic generation

  • Complete SIP Signaling and basic media support

  • SIP and HTTP integration, write tests that exercise converged applications including Web2.0 mashups

  • Regression testing with automated scripts, cron or trigger based

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