Simple rails example fails


I am a Rails newb. Am using an online tutorial to learn the rails.

It is about creating a simple blog. I have generated the scaffolding
for the categories table and the posts table following the
instructions. I expect posts to infer that category_id is a foreign
key to the categories table and to therefore generate a dropdown list.
However I am getting an textfield when i hit the new post page.
(category_id is assigned 0 whenever I create a new post). I am very
much a newb at rails, am I missing something obvious here?

Hi There,

Not familiar with this tutorial ( there is a fair bit of criticism in
the comments ! )

But have you followed the code in the view to add the comments drop
down ? ( third page of tutorial )
In your post you are sort of suggesting this should happen
automatically because of the relationship, but this is not the case.

HTH Dave