Simple picture form element

Richard Schneeman wrote:

I need to make a form where a user clicks on one of two pictures to
select which option they want. After they click the picture, the
background or possibly border of the image should change depending on
the picture clicked. And i need to when they submit the form, i need to
know which one they picked. What is the simplest way to do this? Will i
need to use javascript and hidden fields, or is there an easier/better
way to do this?

<input type="image">


thanks for the response, that method only works if the image you want to
use acts as a submit button . Maybe i
didn't specify my requirements enough: i'm looking for a normal form
element, where a user could choose between one of a few images, and if
they selected an incorrect image, they could change their selection
before making it final and selecting another image.

One solution i found is to use to use image tags nested in radio tag
labels, d:

<label><input type="radio" class="styled" name = "sex" id = "pic"><img
src = "/images/male.jpg" /></label>
<br />
<label><input type="radio" class="styled" name = "sex" id = "pic"><img
src = "/images/female.jpg" /></label>

granted this is an html solution, the underlying principal is the
similar for rails. if anyone has any better ideas, or any different
approaches, i'm interested to hear. Even if you have a crazy javascript
heavy solution, at this point and time, i just want to know what my
options are.