Shouldn't this spec fail?

Shouldn’t the second spec fail? I’m trying to provide a default value in the model (I’m well aware this is normally the job of the controller, but it seems right to be the model in this case). Also, after_initialize doesn’t seem to be the right way of doing this, but before_create or any of the other things don’t make the first test pass.

specify “should provide a default name when none is given” do
@emailer.attributes = valid_emailer_attributes.except(:name)

specify “should not replace name if one is given” do
@emailer.attributes = valid_emailer_attributes # valid name attribute is “bill”

class Emailer < ActiveRecord::Base
def after_initialize = “joe”

I know how to code what I’m trying to do, but I want to make sure I only do the minimum to make the specs pass, in proper TDD/BDD style.