Shoulda vs Remarkable

If my understanding is correct, shoulda now works with RSpec.

Does anybody have experience with Shoulda + RSpec?
What about comparing it with Remarkable with Shoulda?
Which is more reliable? How's the developers' response?


I've moved from Shoulda to Remarkable few weeks ago and I can't
comply. It feels more organized, robust, and - what's most important
to me - actively developed.


Hi adrian,

Similar those nice testing macros for validation/association are the
only reason that pulls me into shoulda rather than staying with rspec,
I struggled couple times to get shoulda running only Ruby 1.9..
(mismatch super class, this and that)

Now just got remarkable working on ruby 1.9 and going to convert my
test suite of my current app over..

Autotest + Rspec + Remarkable = Yum...