Should I learn git or subversion in order to launch and manage a site?

I have never launched a site nor used any kind of source code
management so I am wondering what makes sense to start learning in
order to launch a site. I would like to be able to push edits to the
site which will be hosted remotely. When it comes to maintaining a
live site, is there anything about subversion or git that makes one
better or easier to use than the other? Any other useful information
is welcome.

When I first started to use source control (started developing rails
apps a number of months ago), I always found the subversion
documentation rather daunting so I never really took to it. I watched
the railscasts git episode and it seemed so easy that it was a joy for
me to start using. I would definitely recommend least start a
repository and begin adding can pick up the more
advanced techniques as you go!