Seymore - r30

Hello everyone, I just committed a pretty decent update to Seymore's subversion trunk. Most notably, I implemented a simple authorization system that will be flexible enough to be used with plugins in the future (when there is a plugin architecture). With this authorization system, the api has also been firmed up a bit. Feedback would be great! Thanks!

* Implemented a custom user authorization system that is flexible enough   to be extended by future plugins and simple enough for use in views. * Secured all controllers and actions using the above system. [Issue #5] * Removed the authorization controller and separated login and logout   into their own controllers. * Added a default 'Home' page that can be modified like any other page. * Page names can now be updated. * Un-publishing of the current revision can now happen from the page's   action menu, rather than solely only from the revisions list.

Project page:

Oh, yeah. Make sure to rake migrate!