Setting up Environment

I'm new to ruby on rails and have been struggling trying to set up the
environment on my machines. I've never had so much trouble getting
started (I must admit that I've primarily used Visual Studio 08 and C#.)
I've run into almost constant problems with just getting the environment
started. I've searched and usually found all the little tweaks I needed
to make to get things going. But now, I'm almost there but I am plagued
by problems like this:

I've never used RoR with Windows, but have had no setup problems
on Linux (or Mac OS).

It seems to be a common opinion, though, that RoR on Windows is
somewhat problematic. Maybe if you stick to the Linux install and
get that working first... What are your issues there?

Not sure what the issue might be. If you are looking for pre-
packaged rails development environment for Windows you may want to try
instant rails....